Contact & Enquiries - 日本語

Please contact me by:

  • Phone: 011-839-1814 Skype phone: 050-5806-2306
  • Email: reception(-at-) * Copy and paste address. Replace (-at-) with @. Sorry for the trouble.
  • Please verify the day and time of your first session by contacing me by phone or email.
  • (If someone you know also wants to have sessions outside of Sapporo, I can arrange to visit you.)

Studio addresses

I. Chuo ku, S14 W1 (Near Kita Hotel)
sutajio 1 no chizu
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II. Minami ku, Fujino 3 Jo 9 Choume
sutajio 2 no chizu
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  • Please choose from the following times:
  • 10:00—12:00  13:00—15:00  15:00—17:00  17:00—19:00
  • Session fee
  • 12000 yen per session. (Each session 2 hours.) ※JCB & AMEX cards accepted.
  • (In the case of an external visit, I will let you know the additional travel expenses based on the distance from Sapporo.)
  • Clothing requirements
  • Please wear soft, comfortable underwear during the session. There is a change room you can use in the studio.
  • Restrictions and health considerations
  • If you already suffer from or have been diagnosed with the following symptoms, please inform me before taking the first session:
  • Acute inflammation (infection, poisoning or peritonitis, etc.) - Cancer under medication - Recently suffered cerebral infarction - Recently suffered surface wound (fracture, dislocation) - Severe heart disease - Arteriosclerosis - Aneurysm - Mental disorder under medication - Early pregnancy, first three months