What is Structural Integration? - 日本語

Structural Integration is a rebuilding process for the body’s structure. Also known as ‘Rolfing’, it is a scientific method that focuses on the connective tissue’s function throughout the body. Dr. Ida Rolf, a biochemist, was the founder of this treatment method, and began teaching Structural Integration in the 1970s in The US and Europe.

Through the movements and manipulation in this treatment process, it is possible to release tension and strain trapped within the body, as well as align the whole body vertically in gravity’s field. People can rid themselves of a great deal of chronic pain through adequate realignment of the body’s entire structure, and also learn about these problems they carry around with them. This process usually requires about ten sessions of one to two hours each. Considered an alternative medical treatment, it has also been called a reeducation process of the body and mind. For further information on Structural Integration, click > http://rolfguild.org

RolfBalance is the only Structural Integration practice in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Shiho Sato, the practitioner, specialized in physical therapy treatment of patients that underwent neuro- and cardiovascular surgery for over 15 years before opening her studios in 2007. She travels both within Hokkaido and to other parts of Japan to provide treatment, give lectures, and teach seminars to introduce Structural Integration.

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  • Volume 1
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  • A Dynamic Relation to Gravity - Vols. 1 & 2 - Edward W. Maupin
  • I read these books during my training and translated them into Japanese. The author, Edward Maupin, was one of the first practitioners trained by Dr Ida and she commissioned him to write books about Structural Integration.

Volume 1 contains the principles of Structural Integration, while Volume 2 outlines the Basic 10-session Series. Each volume is ¥4000.

To order these books, please email: sibook(-at-)rolfbal.com. * Copy and paste address. Replace (-at-) with @. Payment may only be made by bank transfer - furikomi.

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