Practitioner's Profile - 日本語

I was born and raised in Sapporo – host city of the 1972 Winter Olympics. In my teens, I did a lot of competition skiing, and injured my left knee joint badly. It was from this incident that I first learned about how to treat such injuries and a few years later I attended university to study physical therapy. I worked in a hospital for 15 years and specialized in the treatment of hangover effects caused by orthopedic, neuro- and cardiovascular surgery, and treatment of the elderly.

Due to injury, disease or operations, most of the patients suffered from severe uneven tension throughout their fascia – the layer of tissue that surrounds and interpenetrates the entire muscle and organ system of the body – so I used to try to remold their physical forms and help them regain correct functioning of their organs.

Those experiences brought me into contact with Structural Integration, also known as Rolfing. This type of body treatment deals with the theory and technique of aligning the body systems with gravity. I received the Basic 10-session Series of treatment for myself first to make sure that this was what I wanted to learn in order to improve my practice.

It’s almost as if the process that began with my injury way back in school was supposed to happen to me ...

I took the first course, which was prerequisite training with Andy Goodwin and Jeff Linn, in Colorado in 2006, and soon after continued the basic training course with Emmett Hutchins, Jeff Linn and Isaac Osborne in Hawaii.

After that, I decided to leave my hospital career behind, and opened two studios to practice Structural Integration in my hometown. Most of my clients have been referred to me by word of mouth. I have been so happy to help rebuild their bodies and improve their movement and activity.

In 2009, I completed advanced training with Emmett Hutchins and Jeff Linn again. This training gave me more confidence in the choice I had made. I have also attended some workshops with Isaac Osborne, Edward Maupine and Neal Powers – all respected practitioners in the field. From these additional studies, I can now offer you various treatment sessions all over Hokkaido - from the Basic 10-session Series through to the Advanced 5-session Series. For more details, see the bottom of the '10 Sessions' page.