Basic 10 Sessions of Structural Integration - 日本語

In the Basic 10-session Series, you will learn about the functional movement of the body and establish structural balance with gravity. The benefits of Structural Integration are unique for each person. Athletes – both professional and amateur – dancers, yogi, artists, and people riddled with chronic pain or strain come to Structural Integration not only for relief from their ailments, but also to improve performance in their professions and daily activities.

I: Prelude — Opening & lengthening the outer muscles

  • Session 1: 
  • Functional breathing (Recommended procedure for a trial session)
  • Session 2: 
  • Working with the feet and lower legs, and lengthening the back
  • Session 3: 
  • Balancing the torso and defining the side planes

II: Body work — Expanding the core of the body

  • Session 4: 
  • Balancing the interior and the exterior
  • Session 5: 
  • Organizing the anterior lumbar
  • Session 6: 
  • Forming the lower half of the body
  • Session 7: 
  • Forming the upper half of the body

III: Integration — Aligning and uniting all parts of the body

  • Sessions 8  
    and 9: 
  • Integrating the lower and upper trunks with the core of the body
  • Session 10: 
  • Integrating both trunks across the core

The earth's gravitational field is the most potent physical force that the human body has to deal with. The human body has a great deal of plasticity with the connective tissue, which is very tough and elastic. Because of this, each bone, nerve, muscle, organ and blood vessel is given form and function due to the connective tissue's tension.

This tension absorbs and responds to illness, injury, emotional trauma and so on. Any of these stresses will cause imbalance and a compensation pattern in the tissue’s system.

Structural Integration focuses on the tissue system pattern and causes the tissue to be lengthened or opened to relate with gravity.

As a result of the entire process, people often regain greater flexibility, the feeling of lightness, better balance and increased energy and breathing capacity.

After the Basic 10-session Series

Flash Session

Treatment of any current problems in one session.

3-session Series

Make the verticality of the body more defined about one year after the Basic 10-session Series, in three sessions.

Advanced 5-session Series

Educating and organizing how to find verticality while you are moving, using five individual postures.